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Hiking Kodachrome

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Hiking Kodachrome State Park, which is within the Grand Staircase will be breathtaking - no matter what time of day or night!

There are trail heads all throughout the park, each heading in various directions. Probably the most popular within the park itself is Angels Palace. It is not difficult yet will bring you to the top of some wonderful peaks to see for miles all around you.

Angels Palace trail head starts right across from the large parking lot on your left.

Another great view is Shakespeare Arch. It is off to the east, past the group camping area, as you come into the park.

Excellent 6 Page Downloadable Map and Information Packet of Kodachrome State Park

Kodachrome State Park

The entire area of Kodachrome affords some massive structures and views. We hear guests constantly telling us they wish they had booked several days just to see all the beautiful vistas and structures within Kodachrome.

Imagine how much you can see if you take the time!! Granted, we are in the Accommodation business. However, we have heard too many quests wish they had booked their stay with us at Bryce Canyon Villas longer. Just hiking Kodachrome will take your breath away!

When considering your stay with us in Southern Utah, remember all the wonderful places that can be visited while here. We are a central location for just about everything and a great economical stay for individuals and families!

Aside from the Grand Staircase being in our backyard, we have Bryce Canyon, Escalante, Zion, Cedar Breaks, Capital Reef - and everything in between, right at our doorstep.

Take a look at our Day Trips Page for all the various incredible places near our own Bryce Canyon Villas.

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