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Angels Palace

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Angels Palace in Kodachrome State Park offers a wonderful short hike with fantastic large vistas and sunsets.

If we had to pick a time of day to really enjoy this hike, we would have to say evening - just in time for the incredible sunset views.

The Trail head is conveniently located right across from a large parking lot on the left side of the road as you approach it. The trail head starts right across from the parking lot so it's easy to park, enjoy a hike and sunset before coming back to your nice warm and cozy cabins!

Kodachrome Hiking View
Quite the Balancing Act!
Kodachrome Chimney
Angels Palace Trail

As we mentioned, you will see some incredible sunsets while on Angels Palace Trail. Plus, the vistas are limitless!! On a clear day, you can see the various peaks and canyons for miles - all around  Kodachrome State Park and the Grand Staircase.

We have a variety of other hikes within Kodachrome that we can certainly recommend when you visit us.